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Morocco - Going Medinas

Destinations in northern Africa are known for interesting beaches, Sahara desert landscapes, the Atlas mountain range, archaeological sites, Berber villages, and finally, old fortified cities, the Medinas. Medinas can be found in almost every major city, from Dakar in Senegal to Egypt, following the Atlantic and Mediterranean belt in northern Africa. Also, can be found in Sicily and Malta. Virtually, every Arab city with significant history has medina quarter. Prophet Mohammed founded the first Islamic community in Medina, which means city in Arabic. Soon, the city of Medina became a model for the construction of fortified cities of the Arab world, by which they got their name.

Medina in Fez, Morocco

The best country for Medina tour is Morocco. Because of its historically significant Medinas and higher safety in comparison with other countries. However, each medina represents a special world, different from other parts of the city in which they are located. All have narrow winding streets, like a maze, a large number of mosques, madrassas, hammams, squares, souks, handicraft shops, the streets full of people and a special atmosphere, like nowhere else. Medinas represents the core of every major city and shows the character of its locals. It is the great mistery for the tourists. So, before the visit it is recommended to read some advice for enjoyable stay in them.

Medina in  Essaouira, Morocco

However , no matter how much prepared you are, how much guide books you read, these interesting fortified cities will surprise you. Each Medina is beautiful on its own way. Each has their own style of construction and a special rhythm of life in it, totally unknown to the Western world . The normal thing is to get lost, to feel completely helpless, almost go crazy from the hustle and sellers who want to sell their product especially to you. But, just relax. It is precisely the charm of Medina. As soon as you realize that, you`ll begin to enjoy the opulence of the labyrinth filled with thousands of shops where you can find everything.

Souk in Marrakech ( photo: B. Komazec )

In some Medinas the traffic is prohibited, as is the case in Fez, where even the motors can’t be used. Transportation of goods and people is carried out by donkeys, the trademark of the city. In Marrakesh is allowed to use scooters all over the city, and cars in some areas. Scooters are buzzing next to you like wasps. Simply, don’t know from where it will appear.

Donkey taxi in Fez

Passengers usually book accommodation in Medinas, because they want to be in the center of events. Also, to experience magical mornings that have some special charm in these fortified towns with narrow streets.

Morning in Fez

Mainly, there are no classic hotels in Medinas. Usual accommodation is in Riads, a traditional house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard that is as tall as Riad itself. Riads are inward focused, which allows for family privacy and protection from the weather in Morocco. These buildings have no windows in the room, only the glass dome on top, from where the light spreads all over the house. This is ideal solution for maintaining shade in the house.

The interior of a riad in Marrakech ( photo: B. Komazec )

Breakfast will be served on the roof of Riad, with a view of the whole city. There is no better way to start the day in Morocco. You can see almost the entire Medina from the roofs of Riad, and enjoy the special atmosphere.

Breakfast on the roof of riad in Essaouira

Choosing accommodation in some Medinas may lead to certain problems, particularly in large ones, such as the Medina of Fes and Marrakech, where the most problems occur. Riads are often not well marked. GPS devices not working correctly because of the narrow streets. In most cases even maps can`t help you. So, it is inevitable to ask for help from the locals. This is the point where the new problem starts. Everyone really wants to help you, everyone knows where is your accommodation, but asking for money for this service and they are quite persistent. The fact is, that you`ll hardly find your Riad by yourself. Except if it is not one of the best known and most expensive in the city. Then follows bargaining, psychological games. They evaluate you, you do them, and it may take some time. Finally, in most cases, the visitor gives up and pay the locals to take tham to the accommodation.

Help from the local guy

In the beginning, you are not happy  how things works here, you might be even furious, but soon realize that`s the way how it is. Tourists come to Medina to enjoy its beauty, to learn something new from history, to travel through time,  for centuries in the past. On the other hand , cagey locals are there for tourists, because they live of them. Somehow, both are important to fulfill the “big picture” about Medinas. Later, you`ll find all that nice.

Bab Bou Jeloud gate in Fes

Of course, there`s a way to avoid wandering through the Medina. The most important advice for those who book their accommodation in Medina, particularly in Fez and Marrakesh, is to ask the owner of the Riad to met them at one of the many gates. This is especially recommended for tourists in one-day visit, cause there is so much to see in such a short time. In some Medinas, info points and road signs to major attractions can be found.

Road sign to the biggest square in Marrakesh

Some Medinas are almost impossible to visit independently for a day or half a day. The best way is to find a guide through the local tourist agency, its host of Riad or even to engage some locals on the street. People often offer themselves to show you the city, for the money, of course. Sometimes they exaggerate in their intention and follow you for several hundred meters until they finally realize you do not want their " help ". Unfortunately, everything must be paid in the Medina. Even for the minimum service a tip should be given. They will be very friendly with you, always with smiling, but, money of course. My advice is to accept their game. Make a joke with  them, on their own way. Make a stunt, and you ask them to give you some money, with a smile on your face, of course. You'll see that they are friendly. They will probably like it your move. Then, you can even  take a pictures with them.

Outwitting succeded

Someone could come to an idea that Medinas are not worth a visit. The answer is, of course they are. There is no place with such variety of craft shops, markets, cheerful people, incredible buildings of the  preserved historical cities.  Without that specific atmosphere Medina wouldn`t be interesting. It is important to prepare yourself for the upcoming positive chaos - a "madness" that expects you there.

Jemaa El Fna Square, the largest square in Marrakesh

In addition to a large number of mosques, madrassas, palaces and hammam, the biggest attraction for tourists are local markets - Souks. In large Medinas, variety of thematic souks can be found. Such as souks for spices, leather, jewelry, souvenirs, pottery, fruits and vegetables, etc. Literally,  everything can be found in the Medina. From natural remedies for all ills, to a "famous" Moroccan hashish. It often happens during the walks through the souk, local guys whisper to you - hash, hash, or shish, shish ...

Unusual natural products in the stands

Medinas are the best indicators for the area in which they are located. It is possible to estimate the structure of the population by Medinas. Whether is calmer or even dangerous area where are you headed. Besides beautiful things, there are also bad things in these old towns. Marrakech is considered the most dangerous city, although you can see the police at almost every corner. A large number of tourists is tempting prey for pickpockets. Tourists are also advised  not to go alone at night in dark alleys. In recent years, there are undercover police officers in large Medinas which, according to locals, guarantees the safety of visitors.

Medina in Tangier

Most visitors comes to Medina for shopping. This is especially refers to visitors from countries where the markets do not practice bargaining. The most people find it difficult to understand, how it all works, where`s the limit for the sellers, how they can make money, etc. So, this is exactly the charm of Medina.

Bargaining in  Marrakech ( photo: B. Komazec )

Sellers loves to bargain as a way of trade that exists in this region for centuries. Although people from capitalist countries can`t understand that, sellers don`t aim to make more money, than to make closer contact with customer and fun by selling the goods like in old times. However, no matter how much reduce the price, the seller will earn some money.

Plenty of nuts and spices in Marrakesh (photo : B.Komazec )

There are some special rules in bargaining, but perseverance is essential. Depending on what you want to buy, start with decreasing prices from four times lower than the current one. Be indifferent, but  persistent to lower the price as much as possible. Do not show the seller that really want a product that it sells. Evaluate the lower limit for the seller and follow it. Make a joke, get into the spirit of whole story. Thus you`ll enjoy more in shopping.

Genuine seller prefer humor and love to take pictures with tourists

Visit the spice markets where you can find shops with spices, natural products for a healthy life and various preparations for body care.

Shop in Marrakech

Stores are large and resemble the pharmacy. They are mostly owned by families in which the business is transferred from one generation to another. Here you can find spices from all over the world, natural medicines, ointments, aromatic salts, etc. The owner of the store will meet you at the doorstep and take a tour of. You can`t remain indifferent to such offer of products which are hard to find in Europe or America.

Colorful spice shop in Marrakech

Buying spices is must do, cause  you can find the best ones in Morocco. Many famous cooks come to Marrakech just to buy spices. You will be surprised with colorful palette of spices. From totally unknown to you, to well known ones, but in numerous variants.

                                                                            El Jadida

Marrakech, Fes, Meknes and Rabat, in addition to its fairy-tale beauty, are the most interesting Medinas for shopping. Some Medinas, like El Jadida and Chefchaouen are interesting because of its unique architectural style.

Blue Medina, Chefchaouen

The appearance of Medina depends on the external influence of the forces that ruled certain areas.


The best quality products of leather, silk and various natural fabrics can be found in Moroccan Medinas. Especially in  Fes and Marrakech. If you hire a guide to show you the Medina, it is pretty much  possible to take you on a tour of a tanneries and weaving craft shops. The owners will welcome you with interesting stories about the traditional production process. Everything is done the old fashioned way, all products are a genuine works of art.

Tannery in Fes

You'll see the pools used for tanning and coloring leather. The goal of the seller is to soften you with his story to buy something from his wealth of products.

Pools for coloring leather in Fes

When you visit such a craft shop with a tour of the entire production, you should be aware that you will not easily leave the shop  if you don`t buy something. Traders are very superstitious about it. Especially when it's Friday, a very important day for trading in Morocco. They will  require a tip for a tour if you don`t buy anything. Just to ward off bad luck. It is best to buy something if you like, but keep on bargaining and lower the price maximally,  they will accept at the end. Weaving craft shops, besides tanneries are inevitable in large Medinas. Variety of garments, carpets, blankets, pillows, tablecloths and scarves are produced there. Everything is done by a variety of natural materials, many of them are unusual for visitors from western countries. Here you can buy the fabric made of agave. It looks like silk, but has an incredible feature, can not be ignited.

Demonstration of products in weaving craft shop, fabric made of agave (below)

The best time to start the Medina tour  is in the morning, especially if you want to visit madrassas and museums where admission is mostly paid. Working time is until 5 pm.

Madrassa Al Attarine in Fez

It is recommendable to have a guide in large Medinas. Usually,  they will guide you to the most popular places for tourists. If you are adventurous type of traveler, walk through the Medina after check all main attractions. Do it without a guide to feel the spirit of Medina.

The beauty of Marrakech

You will see a multitude of streets, buildings and shops that will attract your attention. When you make a "scratch" under the usual routes of mass tourism, each Medina hides a multitude of beautiful scenes that keeps for itself and its locals.


Be careful and don`t go into the streets that seems unsafe. Stay close to the usual tourist routes, so you can`t lost in maze streets and don`t need to worry for your safety. In the little alleys, better and cheaper shops can be found.

Medina in Casablanca

It often happens when touring an interesting country that you do not have enough time to see everything you have planned, or to discover more interesting places, worthy of your visit. Moroccan  Medinas are such places. With its beauty and crazy atmosphere,  force you to stay longer and explore this mystical historic fortified towns.


It is difficult to give the right advice how much time is needed to visit Medina. It all depends on what you want to see and experience.  Largest Medinas, Fes and Marrakech, requires at least two days. Other Medinas are possible to visit for one day. The best way is to spend some time in each  Medina, but this is very rare in modern tourism.

El Jadida

Moroccan Medina tour will certainly leave a strong impression on every visitor. Especially those who like to dream and yearn for different places from the environment in which they live. Life in the Medina is quite different, even from the very cities where they are located, especially from cities of Europe or America.

The usual image of the Medina , Marrakech

All in all, Medinas are beautiful, sometimes more, sometimes less. They can be like from a fairy tale, but also, like from a nightmare. But, they have that wonderful atmosphere that makes you want to meet them, to move to another dimension, in a parallel world. Everything is unusual there, chaotic, energetic, and mystical. Everything is  "crazy" there. That`s why I can`t wait the day when I`ll visit them again.

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MAROKO - "Ludilo" medina

Destinacije na severu Afrike poznate su po interesantnim plažama, pustinjskim pejzažima Sahare, planinskom lancu Atlas, arheološkim nalazištima, berberskim naseljima, a najviše po karakterističnim  starim utvrđenim gradovima, medinama. Medina ima u skoro svakom velikom gradu od Dakara u Senegalu do Egipta, prateći atlantski i sredozemni pojas na severu Afrike. Ima ih i na Siciliji, kao i na Malti. Praktično, svaki arapski grad značajnije istorije ima medinu. Prorok Muhamed osnovao je prvu islamsku zajednicu u gradu Medina, što na arapskom jeziku znači grad. Ubrzo je grad Medina postao model za izgradnju utvrđenih gradova arapskog sveta, po kome su i dobili naziv.

Medina u Fesu, Maroko

Najbolja zemlja za obilazak medina je Maroko, što zbog istorijski značajnih medina, što zbog bezbednosne situacije u odnosu na druge zemlje. Ipak, svaka medina predstavlja neki poseban svet, različit od drugih delova grada u kojem se nalaze. Sve imaju krivudave uske ulice, nalik na lavirinte, veliki broj džamija, medresa, hamama, trgova, šukova, zanatske radnje, pune ulice ljudi i neku posebnu atmosferu. Medine predstavljaju jezgro svakog većeg grada, po njima možete meriti karakter lokalnog stanovništva. Velika su nepoznanica za turiste, pa je pre posete potrebno pročitati neke savete za prijatniji boravak u njima. 

Medina u Esauiri (Essaouira), Maroko

Ipak, koliko god spremni bili, knjiga i vodiča pročitali, ovi interesantni utvrđeni gradovi će vas iznenaditi. Svaka medina je lepa na svoj način, svaka ima svoj stil u kojoj je građena i neki poseban ritam života, potpuno stran zapadnom svetu. Normalna je stvar da se izgubite, osetite potpuno nemoćnim, da skoro poludite od gužve i prodavaca koji baš vama žele da prodaju svoj proizvod. Ali samo opušteno, to je upravo ta draž medina. Što pre to shvatite, pre ćete početi da uživate u raskoši lavirinta ispunjenog hiljadama prodavnica, gde bukvalno možete naći sve. 

Šuk u Marakešu (foto: B. Komazec)

U nekim medinama saobraćaj nije dozvoljen, kao što je to slučaj u Fesu, gde čak ni motori nisu dozvoljeni. Transport robe i ljudi obavlja se pomoću magaraca,  zaštitnog znaka ovog grada. U Marakešu je dozvoljeno koristiti motore po celom gradu i automobile u nekim delovima. Motori zuje pored vas kao osice, prosto ne znate odakle će se pojaviti. 

Magareći taksi u Fesu

Putnici često bukiraju smeštaj u medinama jer žele da budu u centru dešavanja i da dožive jutra koja imaju neki poseban šmek u ovim utvrđenim gradovima uskih ulica.

Jutro u Fesu

U medinama uglavnom nema klasičnih hotela, već riada, tradicionalnih kuća ili palata sa unutrašnjim dvorištem ili holom koji je visok koliko i sam riad. Ove građevine nemaju prozore na sobama, već staklene kupole na vrhu kroz koji se širi svetlost po celom objektu. Građene su u područjima gde su velike vrućine česta pojava, pa je ovaj način gradnje idealno rešenje za održavanje hladovine u objektu.

Unutrašnjost riada u Marakešu (foto: B. Komazec)

Doručak će vam biti serviran na krovu riada, sa pogledom na ceo grad. Nema lepšeg načina da počnete dan u Maroku. Sa krovova riada možete videti skoro celu medinu i uživati u posebnoj atmosferi.

Doručak na krovu riada u Esauiri

Odabir smeštaja u medinama nekih gradova može dovesti do određenih problema, posebno u velikim medinama kao što su Fes i Marakeš, gde orijentisanje predstavlja najveći problem. Riadi često nisu dobro označeni. GPS uređaji zbog uzanih ulica slabo rade. U većini slučajeva vam ni mape ne mogu pomoći, pa je neminovno da tražite pomoć od lokalaca. Tu nastupa novi problem. Svi jako žele da vam pomognu, svi znaju gde je vaše prenoćište, ali traže novac za tu uslugu i prilično su uporni. Činjenica je da ćete teško sami naći vaš riad, sem ako nije jedan od najpoznatijih i najskupljih u gradu. Tada sledi cenkanje, psihološke igre. Oni procenjuju vas, vi njih, što može da potraje neko vreme. Na kraju, u večini slučajeva, posetilac se predaje i plaća lokalcu da ga odvede do smeštaja. 

Pomoć domaćina

U početku vam nije pravo kako stvari funkcionišu, možda ste čak i besni, ali ubrzo shvatate da je to jednostavno tako. Turisti dolaze u medine da bi uživali u njihovoj lepoti, naučili nešto novo iz istorije, da bi putovali kroz vreme, vekovima u prošlost. Sa druge strane, snalažljivi lokalci su tu zbog turista, jer žive od njih. Nekako, jedno bez drugog i ne ide. Kasnije vam je sve to simpatično.  

Bab Bou Jeloud kapija u Fesu

Naravno, postoji način da se izbegne lutanje po medini. Najvažniji savet za sve koji bukiraju smeštaj u medini, posebno u Fesu i Marakešu, je da se dogovore sa domaćinom riada da ih sačeka kod jedne od brojnih kapija grada. Ovo posebno važi za turiste u jednodnevnoj poseti, jer toliko toga ima da se vidi za tako kratko vreme. U nekim medinama postoje putokazi do glavnih atrakcija, kao i info punktovi koji su od velike pomoći.

Putokaz do najvećeg trga u Marakešu

Neke medine je skoro pa nemoguće obići samostalno za jedan dan ili pola dana. Zato je najbolje naći vodiča preko lokalnih turističkih agencija, svog domaćina iz riada ili čak angažovati nekog lokalca na ulici. Ljudi se sami nude da vam pokažu grad, za novac, naravno. Nekada i preteruju u toj svojoj nameri, pa vas prate više stotina metara dok im jasno ne pokažete da ne želite njihovu "pomoć". Nažalost, u medinama se sve plaća. I za najmanju uslugu treba dati bakšiš. Svi će vam govoriti da ste njihov prijatelj, grliće vas sa osmehom na licu, ali zna se, pare na sunce. Moj savet je da prihvatite njihovu igru. Šalite se sa njima na njihov način. Napravite štos, tražite vi njima pare, sa osmehom na licu, naravno. Videćete da su prijateljski nastrojeni, verovatno će im se dopasti vaš potez. Onda možete i da se slikate sa njima za džabe, čak.

 Nadmudrivanje uspelo

Možda će se neko posle ove priče zamisliti da li uopšte vredi posetiti medine u Maroku. Odgovor je, i te kako vredi! Nigde nećete naći takav raskoš zanatskih radnji, raznih pijaca, poslastica, začina, veselih ljudi, neverovatnih građevina, očuvanih istorijskih gradova. Medine bez te specifične atmosfere ne bi bile interesantne. Važno je biti spreman za pozitivni haos - ludnicu koja vas tamo očekuje.

Jemaa El Fna, najveći trg u Marakešu

Pored velikog broja džamija, medresa, palata i hamama, najveća atrakcija za turiste su pijace - šukovi. U velikim medinama postoje posebne pijace za začine, kožu, nakit, suvenire, grnčariju, voće i povrće itd. Praktično sve možete naći u medinama. Od prirodnih lekova za svaku boljku, pa sve do "čuvenog" marokanskog hašiša. Često će vam se desiti da pored vas prolaze momci i šapuću vam haš, haš, ili šiš,šiš...

Neobični prirodni preparati na tezgama

Medine su najbolji reprezenti područja u kom se nalaze. Po medini možete proceniti i koja je struktura stanovništva zastupljena. Da li je sredina mirnija ili opasnija. Pored lepih, u ovim starim gradovima ima i loših stvari. Marakeš se smatra najopasnijim gradom, iako možete videti policiju na skoro svakom koraku. Veliki broj turista je primamljiv plen za džeparoše pa ih tamo ima u velikom broju. Turistima se takođe savetuje da ne zalaze noću sami u mračne ulice. Poslednjih godina u velikim medinama postoje i policajci u civilu što po rečima domaćina garantuje bezbednost posetilaca. 

Medina u Tangeru

Najveći broj posetilaca u medine dolazi zbog šopinga. To posebno važi za turiste iz zemalja gde se na pijacama ne praktikuje cenkanje. Većini je teško da shvate kako sve to funkcioniše, kako se to trgovcu isplati, itd. Upravo je to najveća draž posete šukovima. 

Cenkanje na delu, Marakeš (foto: B. Komazec)

Trgovci obožavaju cenkanja jer je to način trgovine koji u ovim krajevima postoji vekovima. Iako ljudima iz kapitalističkih zemalja to nikako nije jasno, trgovcima nije cilj da uzmu što više para, već da od prodaje naprave dobru zabavu i da imaju prisniji kontakt sa mušterijom. Ipak, koliko god da spustite cenu, trgovac će zaraditi novac.

Velik izbor koštunjavog voća i začina u Marakešu (foto:B.Komazec)

Ne postoje neka posebna pravila kod cenkanja, ali je bitna upornost. U zavisnosti šta želite da kupite, počnite sa spuštanjem cene za čak četiri puta od trenutne. Budite ravnodušni, ali uporni da što više spustite cenu. Nemojte prodavcu pokazati da jako želite proizvod koji on prodaje. Procenite koja je donja granica za prodavca pa se ravnajte po njoj. Napravite neku šalu, uživite se u celu priču. Tako će vam kupovina biti još slađa.

Pravi trgovci vole šalu i rado se slikaju sa turistima

Posetite pijace sa začinima u kojima pored tezgi postoje i prodavnice začina, prirodnih preparata za zdraviji život i raznih preparata za negu tela.

Prodavnica u Marakešu

Prodavnice su velike i liče na apoteke. Uglavnom su u vlasništvu porodica u kojima se posao prenosi sa kolena na koleno. U njima možete naći začine iz svih krajeva sveta, prirodne lekove, pomade, mirišljave soli, itd. Vlasnik prodavnice će vas dočekati na vratima i povesti u obilazak. Malo ko može ostati ravnodušan na takvu ponudu proizvoda kojih je teško naći u Evropi ili Americi.

Šarenilo prodavnice

Obavezno kupite začine, jer u Maroku možete naći najkvalitetnije. Mnogi poznati kuvari dolaze u Marakeš samo zbog začina. Iznenadićete se šarenilom paleta sa začinima. Od vama potpuno nepoznatih, do začina široke potrošnje, ali u velikom broju varijanti.

El Jadida

Marakeš, Fes, Meknes i Rabat su, pored svoje bajkovite lepote, najinteresantnije za šoping. Neke medine, poput El Jadida-e i Chefchaouen-a su same po sebi interesantne zbog svog jedinstvenog arhitektonskog stila.

Plava medina, Chefchaouen

Izgled medine zavisi i od spoljnjeg uticaja sila koje su vladale određenim područjima.


U medinama možete naći najkvalitetnije proizvode od kože, svile i raznih prirodnih tkanina. Najbolja mesta za to su Fes i Marakeš. Ukoliko angažujete vodiča da vam pokaže medinu, velika verovatnoća je da će vas povesti u obilazak kožara i tkačnica. Vlasnici  će vas dočekati sa interesantnim pričama o tradicionalnom procesu proizvodnje. Sve se radi na starinski način, svi proizvodi su pravo malo umetničko delo.

Velika zanatska radnja za proizvodnju kože u Fesu

Videćete bazene koji služe za štavljenje i bojenje kože. Cilj prodavca je da vas svojom pričom privoli da kupite nešto iz njegove bogate ponude proizvoda.

Bazeni za bojenje kože u Fesu

Kada posećujete ovakve zanatske radnje sa obilaskom cele proizvodnje, treba da budete svesni da vas neće tako lako pustiti da idete dalje ukoliko ne kupite nešto. Trgovci su veoma sujeverni po tom pitanju. Posebno kada je petak, veoma važan dan za trgovinu u Maroku. Tražiće vam neki bakšiš za obilazak ukoliko ne kupite ništa, čisto da mu ne prizovete maler. Zato je najbolje da kupite nešto ako vam se dopada, ali se cenkajte i maksimalno spustite cenu, pristaće. Tkačnice su, pored kožara, neizbežne u velikim medinama. Tu se prave razni odevni predmeti, ćilimi, pokrivači, jastuci, stoljnjaci, marame... Sve se radi od raznih prirodnih materijala, od kojih su mnogi neuobičajeni za posetioce sa zapada. Ovde možete kupiti tkaninu pravljenu od agave, nalik je svili, ali ima jednu neverovatnu osobinu, ne može da se zapali.

Demonstracija proizvoda u tkačnici, tkanina od agave (dole)

Obilazak medina najbolje je početi u jutarnjim časovima, posebno ako želite da posetite medrese i muzeje gde se ulaz uglavnom plaća. Radno vreme je najkasnije do 17h.

Medresa Al Atarin u Fesu

Poželjno je imati vodiča u većim medinama, ali će vas oni voditi na mesta najpopularnija za turiste. Ukoliko ste avanturistčkog duha, prošetajte sami kroz medinu pošto upoznate glavne orijentirne tačke u šetnji sa vodičem. 

Raskoš Marakeša

Videćete mnoštvo ulica, građevina i prodavnica po vašem ukusu. Svaka medina kada se "zagrebe" ispod uobičajenih ruta masovnog turizma, krije mnoštvo lepih prizora koje čuva samo za sebe i svoje meštane.


Budite oprezni i nemojte zalaziti u ulice koje vam se čine nebezbednim. Najbolje je biti u blizini ruta kojima se kreću turisti, tako se nećete izgubiti i nećete morati da brinete za vašu bezbednost. U manjim ulicama ćete naći bolje i povoljnije prodavnice od onih  u glavnim.

Medina u Kazablanki

Često se dešava kada obilazite neku interesantnu zemlju, da nemate dovoljno vremena da vidite sve što ste isplanirali, ili pak, da usput otkrijete još interesantnih mesta, vrednih vaše posete. Takve su medine Maroka. Svojom lepotom i ludom atmosferom, teraju vas da ostanete što duže i istražite ove mistične istorijske utvrđene gradove.


Teško je dati pravi savet koliko je vremena potrebno za posetu medina. Sve zavisi od toga šta želite da vidite i doživite. Za najveće medine, Fes i Marakeš, treba izdvojiti bar dva dana. Ostale medine je moguće videti za jedan. Idealno bi bilo provesti neko duže vreme u svakoj od medina, ali je to u savremenim turističkim kretanjima veoma retko.

El Jadida

Obilazak marokanskih medina sigurno će ostaviti snažan utisak na svakog posetioca. Posebno na one koji vole da maštaju i žude za drugačijim mestima od okruženja u kojem žive. Život u medinama je posve drugačiji i od samih gradova u kojima se nalaze, posebno od država Evrope ili Amerike.

Uobičajena slika iz medine, Marakeš

Sve u svemu, medine su lepe, nekada više, nekada manje. Mogu biti kao iz bajke, isto tako, kao iz noćne more. Ali imaju tu neku atmosferu koja vas tera da ih upoznate, da se preselite u neku drugu dimenziju, u neki paralelni svet. U njima je sve haotično, energično, ali i mistično. U njima je sve "ludo", zato jedva čekam dan kada ću ih opet posetiti.